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21 January 2013

Darah daging

Once upon a time, when i was my sister lil cutest princess *wink wink*

Teluk Intan moment, one year ago -- preparing you big day :)

and today, you're married. 
You became a wife to him.
 and what make us happy when we know that you bring someone's life inside your worm.

Today is 20th January 2013.
If we can turn back the time, 
today i am the one who so excited to see you wear a your solemnization's dress.
with henna on your finger.
but deep inside, i feel so sad.

Pheww! why i am so paranoid?
*slap my own face*
I just don't want to lose you.
You're my only one sister.

Dear sister, Happy Anniversary sayang!
May Allah bless your marriage.
Do take care of yourself.
I am happy to see you happy.
Thanks for bring us to see the rainbow.
We love Arif so much as much we love you both.

Ayah so happy right?
' Tak payah bawak Arif balik KL lah. Biar ayah jaga'.
I hope i can be like you.
Stronger than you.
Make ayah proud of me like what he felt towards you.
I do love you sister.
Yes, i am.
Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever after.
You're my only one sister i had.

spread love ;
Aju Ryeha 

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